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Searching For Materials That Repel Bed Bugs? Here You Go!

At the end of World War II, it was believed that bed bugs had gone extinct in the United States. However, this wasn’t the case. Those advanced insecticides were effective at the time, but bedbugs were more resilient than most would’ve expected. Before long, bedbugs were back and they were more annoying than ever. It is believed that the rapid spread has something to do with increased global travel. Since bedbugs have become such a widespread problem, consumers are searching long and hard for solutions. Bed Bug Exterminator Detroit.

Are there ways to repel bedbugs? Yes. There are things you can do to keep bedbugs away from you. You’ll learn more about bedbug repellents below.

Diatomaceous Earth

 Diatomaceous Earth is one of the popular bedbug repellents in the world. This repellent is very effective thanks to its abrasive characteristics. This repellent will absorb and remove water-protecting fats as well as oils from the outer portion of the exoskeleton. You can take diatomaceous earth powder and place a little on your mattress. When the bedbug touches the powder, it will dry out and die. The only problem is that the bedbug may never touch the powder.

Essential Oils

You’ve likely heard a lot about essentials oils. They’re great for alleviating various conditions and providing relaxation. In addition to this, you can use essential oils can repel bedbugs. If a pest repellent must be applied to your skin, it needs to be registered with the EPA. People are mixing essential oils and rubbing the mixture on their skin in hopes of repelling bedbugs.


If you begin searching for bedbug repellents, there is a good chance that you’re going to hear something about peppermint. It is believed that peppermint’s scent will keep the bugs away from you. Some people recommend crushing the leaves and spreading the oil in your bedroom. This is messy and it likely won’t provide satisfactory results.

Black Walnut Tea

Some consumers tell others that black walnut tea has been an effective bedbug repellent. They recommend placing used tea bags around your home. While it sounds like a good idea, there is no evidence that this technique works.

Rubbing Alcohol

Despite limited evidence that rubbing alcohol effectively repels bedbugs, some people believe it. In addition to this, consumers should understand that alcohol is flammable, so it might be dangerous. It might not stop bedbugs, but it could lead to a fire.

Petroleum Jelly

Websites claim there are numerous ways to use petroleum jelly to repel bedbugs. One of the most popular methods recommends spreading petroleum jelly across your bed’s frame and headboard. Then, you should add more to the bed’s legs. It is believed that the bedbugs will get stuck. Sadly, this technique may not work.

Baby Powder

Diatomaceous earth is effective but baby powder is not. You can sprinkle baby powder on bedbugs but it won’t do much. The problem is that baby powder is designed to be safe. It is not strong enough to kill or repel bedbugs. However, you can use baby powder to cover up the musty odor of bedbugs.

Dryer Sheet

Some people have decided to use dryer sheets to stop bedbugs. They’ve started rubbing their furniture and bed down with dryer sheets. Others are sticking dryer sheets around their homes. The problem is that there is no evidence that dryer sheets work.


Finally, some people are using soap to combat bedbugs. Washing your clothes in extremely hot water is harmless but effective for getting rid of bedbugs. This works because bedbugs die when exposed to extremely hot temperatures. As for soap, it won’t stop bedbugs. Use it to wash but don’t use it to get rid of bedbugs.

Ultimately, it is never a good idea to use homemade bedbug repellents. If you need assistance, you should call a professional exterminator.

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