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Do You Have An Infestation If You Find A Few Bedbugs In Your Home?

Once you’ve found a few bedbugs in your home, you’re likely going to freak out. You’ve heard countless horror stories, so you know you should take this problem seriously. Are you overreacting? If you’ve spotted a bedbug in your home, you need to worry about it. Even one bedbug sighting could mean that your home is infested with bed bugs. Bed Bug Exterminator Detroit.

Continue looking around your home. Call a professional exterminator now, if you find several bedbugs. A reliable, reputable pest control company will have experience getting rid of bedbugs. They’ll help inspect your home before putting together an effective treatment plan. However, you should always contact several companies and ask for quotes before making your decision.

Why You Should Worry About A Few Bedbugs

If you find a few bedbugs in your home, you may suspect that you’re dealing with a few spares. They’ve found their way inside and you think it is nothing to worry about. Stop what you’re doing and realize that a few bugs are bad. Since you’ve found two or three bedbugs, you can guarantee that your home is full of bedbugs. There are likely countless bedbugs hiding in your bedroom. These pests do not live alone. They prefer living in groups so there is a good chance that your home is infested.

In addition to this, you have to understand that your home likely has one or more female bedbugs. A single female is frightening since she’ll be able to lay 500 eggs during her lifetime. When you spot a few bedbugs, you’ll want to call a pest control company. An exterminator should give you a free inspection with no obligation.

Why It Is Difficult To Find Bedbugs?

One of the worst things about bedbugs is that they’re difficult to find. Your home is full of them but you might not realize it. Bedbugs are small pests that tend to stay hidden during the day. They exit their hiding places at night and feed on humans. You’ll likely get bit once or twice. Even then, you may not realize what you’re dealing with. Sometimes, a bedbug bite will not leave a mark. If it does and you have welts on your body, you need to start looking for bedbugs.

Some people will experience an adverse reaction to bedbug bites.

Are You Sure It Is A Bedbug?

Before freaking out, you need to make sure that you’re indeed dealing with a bedbug. It could be something else. Bedbugs have an oval-shape and they’re reddish-brown in color. Most are 10 millimeters long with six legs. Also, they have a segmented antenna. Be cautious because you might be looking at a flea, carpet beetle, or cockroach nymph. Make sure you are looking at a bedbug before hiring a bedbug exterminator.

How To Know You Have Bedbugs

If you suspect your home has bedbugs, you’ll want to start looking around your home. Look for the following signs so you can confirm or deny a bed bug infestation.

Blood – Bedbugs feed on human blood and hold blood into their bodies until they digest it. If you square a bedbug, it will leave a bloodstain on your bedding.

Skin Or Exoskeletons – Bed bugs will replace their exoskeletons as they grow. If you have bedbugs, you’re going to find discarded exoskeletons in your home.

Eggs – Bedbugs start life as eggs. When they break free from the egg, the casing will be left behind. Be sure to look for egg casings because this will confirm that you’re dealing with a bedbug infestation.

Feces – When bedbugs eat, they’re going to use the bathroom. They aren’t shy about leaving fecal matter on your bed. Bedbug feces will be dark, black spots that resemble ink spots.

Bites – Check your body. Look for bite marks and welts in spots where your body makes contact with the bed.

Smell – Smell of your bedroom and look for a musty, sweet odor. The bedbug’s scent glands release a moldy odor that you won’t be able to ignore.

Tips For Searching For Bedbugs

Before calling a professional exterminator, you may want to search your home for bed bugs. To do so, you should remove your bed and bedding. Look for fecal matter and bloodstains. You’ll also want to spend time looking at your body.

Do you see anything that looks like bloodstains? Does your body have red welts? Once you’ve checked your bed, you’ll want to look at your walls, rugs, baseboards, and carpets. Check your furniture too. Bedbugs will hide anywhere. If you find exoskeletons, egg casings, blood, or feces, you are likely dealing with an infestation.

Call A Pro

Ultimately, it is difficult to get rid of bedbugs. If you want to tackle this problem efficiently and effectively, you need to hire a professional bedbug exterminator. Choose a high-quality, reputable exterminator so you can clean up your home and get a good night’s sleep for a change.

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