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Box Elder Bugs

About Box Elder Bugs

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What Are Box Elder Bugs?

You’ve likely found box elder bugs around your home. They’re small and black with red markings on their flat wings. Most adult box elder bugs will expand half an inch long. They primarily feed on trees including cherry trees, ash trees, and maple trees. In addition to this, their favorite is the box elder tree.

Why Do I Have Box Elder Bugs?

Boxelder bugs begin entering homes and other structures near the end of summer. They do so in hopes of finding a warm place to stay during the winter. They’ll create problems when the temperatures drop and they desperately search for cracks and crevices. They will stay hidden until the temperatures increase.

Are Box Elder Bugs Dangerous?

Box elder bugs are a nuisance pest but they do not pose any health risk. In addition to this, they should not damage your home.

What Should I Do To Get Rid Of Box Elder Bugs?

Since this insect is going to hide inside of a structure, an infestation is going to be very difficult to eliminate. Once they’ve climbed into the cracks in your home’s exterior walls, it’ll be hard to get rid of them. The best way to deal with this problem is by calling us. We’re the leading exterminator in your area so we can take care of this problem quickly.

Can I Eliminate Box Elder Bugs On My Own?

You might be able to get rid of box elder bugs without professional assistance but this is not the best solution. When attempting to combat this problem without professional assistance, most homeowners have limited success. Unfortunately, DIY remedies are not effective. Plus, you have to worry about using dangerous chemicals to eliminate box elder bugs.

When Can You Get Started?

We want to help take care of your problem as quickly as possible. We will speed up the process by reaching your home quicker than our competitors. In most cases, we can start in 24 hours.

Are Box Elder Bug Treatments Safe?

Most box elder bug treatments are safe. However, the exterminator you choose will make a big difference. For the best results, you should choose a company that follows guidelines and uses products recommended by the EPA. Our company does. We’ll do everything possible to protect you and your loved ones.

Can I Prevent Future Infestations?

We understand that you’ll want to prevent future box elder bug infestations. While you cannot completely eliminate the risks, you can minimize them. For instance, you should seal all cracks and crevices on exterior walls.

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