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Things To Do Before Starting A Bed Bug Extermination

Over the years, residents of Detroit, Michigan have been forced to contend with an influx in bed bug infestations. Since these bugs have nothing to do with cleanliness, it is truly possible for any home to become infested. Although there are some ways to lower the chances, it is sometimes impossible to prevent these bugs from invading your home. With this in mind, you should take the time to learn about the process of carrying out a bed bug extermination in Detroit. Within this guide, you will learn everything you need to know.

Learn About The Bugs

First and foremost, it is pertinent to learn about these bugs. If you are not familiar with them, you will have no idea how to eliminate them. You should know that bed bugs are parasitic and thrive on blood. In fact, they only consume blood and they feed relentlessly. Although the bugs aren’t classified as nocturnal, they do behave in a similar manner. This means that they usually only make themselves visible at night. In many cases, the homeowner will remain unaware of the infestation, until it has escalated to a moderately severe level.

Breeding And Spreading

In order to learn about the severity of an infestation, you should learn about the bug’s breeding pattern. When bed bugs are not feeding, they’re either hiding or reproducing. Unfortunately for homeowners, they reproduce rapidly. Once they’ve entered your home, they’ll begin to spread and will soon infiltrate each and every room in your home. They can also wiggle through cracks and will travel from room to room in apartments and motels.


Although there are many bed bug extermination companies in Detroit, you should do your best to avoid them, when possible. In order to make this happen, you should take preventive measures, before an infestation can occur. Those living in motels or apartments should seal up all cracks and crevices to help ensure that the bugs have no easy path of entry. Also, if you spend a night at a motel, you should immediately wash and dry your clothing, before hanging it up or putting it in your dresser drawers.

Types Of Treatments

When worse comes to worst, you will need to make contact with one of the bed bug extermination companies operating in Detroit. Before doing so, you may want to familiarize yourself with your treatment options. There are three, but only two will be available from the professionals. Doing it your self is always an option, but not recommended. Otherwise, you will need to choose between sprays and heat. To make this process easy for you, heat is better, more effective and immensely more convenient for the homeowner. If it is available to you, it is highly recommended that you choose the heat treatment option.


Now that you’ve analyzed the information above, you should have a much better understanding of bed bugs. You should now be able to take preventive measures and should know precisely how to proceed, if an infestation should occur. Be sure to react quickly, so the problem cannot escalate.

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