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Spider Control In North America

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Just the mention of a spider sends some people into an uproar. The anxiety associated with spiders has been contributed to their many eerie characteristics. The fangs, exoskeleton, eight hairy legs, and dark eyes are just a few examples.

Spiders can be found just about anywhere in North America. Experts claim there are around 40,000 arthropod species. While spiders spend most of their time outdoors, they will venture indoors when access is available.

The average spider lifespan is two years but some species can survive up to six years in controlled habitats. The British House Spider is just one example. The jumping spider has a lifespan of between one and three years like the wolf spider.

Spider Meals

The spider meal is comprised of small insects like grasshoppers and crickets and small animals, such as frogs and lizards. Spiders do not feast on plants like other small animals.

Spiders – Are They Dangerous

Spiders excrete a venom that has shown to be dangerous to humans but only on rare occasions. Most spider bites do not cause complications. In fact, evidence shows that only one percent of spider bites result in a serious infection that requires antibiotic treatment. In some cases, the affected area will need to be opened and drained.

When the spider bites, it injects venom into the skin, resulting in an immune system response. The immune system works by eradicating foreign substances that appear to be harmful.

What Do Spiders Do For The Environment

Spiders play a major role in the ecosystem. They spend the majority of their time preying on insects that are known to carry harmful diseases. With the help of spiders, humans can live more comfortably with minimal threat of dangerous insect bites.

Spider venom is also utilized to prevent various medical conditions, including Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease, and pain.

Eradicating Spiders Safely

A spider infestation can be serious in severe cases. Like some professional insect infestations, spider infestations can be eliminated with deltamethrin-based pesticides. Unfortunately, these products pose risks for wildlife. Deltamethrin has been linked to the death of bees, marine life, and birds.

DIY spider treatment includes solutions made from vinegar, baking soda, and peppermint oil. Mix these ingredients into a spray bottle and apply directly to the spider nest.

Deltamethrin-Based Pesticides – Do They Pose A Risk To Humans

As mentioned previously, deltamethrin has been connected to the death of some fish and bird species. It does pose some risk for humans, dogs, and cats while it is still wet. The manufacturer recommends avoiding contact until the substance is completely dry.

Spider Prevention

It is nearly, if not impossible to prevent spider infestations outdoors. However, you can protect the area around the exterior of your home with natural spider repellents, such as peppermint oil, cedar shavings, coconut oil, vinegar, and chestnuts.

Preventing indoor spider infestations is as simple as sealing off all potential access points, such as crevices, cracks, windows, and doors. Utilizing caulk to fill in tiny crevices around windows, doors, and plumbing pipes will help reduce the risk of an indoor spider infestation.

Brown Recluse Spider – What Are The Risks

Brown recluse spiders are found throughout North America, excluding Montanna, Maine, and Colorado. Everyone should know how to identify these spiders because they pose a risk for humans. What you need to know about brown recluse spiders:

  • Commonly found in North America
  • Originate in the Midwest and South Central North America
  • False reports of brown recluse spider bites in Great Lake states
  • Timid nature
  • Over-the-counter deltamethrin-based pesticides are effective

When To Call An Exterminator

A single spider is not enough to warrant a call to the local exterminator. However, multiple sightings within a short time of each other will warrant this call.

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