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Pest Control Solutions – Mice And Rats

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Rats are very commonly found throughout North America. Reports claim there are rats living in some US states nearly as pick as a small cat. The most common rat species in the United States are known as “commercial rats.” These include the Norway rat and the roof rat. Both of these rat species are multi-colored gray and brown with a heavyset frame.

The average size of North American rats:

  • Ranging between 7 and 10 inches in length
  • Multi-colored brown/gray fur
  • Tail ranges between 6 and 8 inches in length

Rats are very easily identifiable from afar, differentiating because the 64 to 700 species is another story. Most rat species share many of the same characteristics, such as those listed above.

Signs Of A Rat Infestation

 Even though the common rat species found in North America are classified as “commercial rats,” they can be found in residential settings, as well as industrial. Every homeowner should know the signs of a rat infestation because they pose a risk for all members of the household and home structure.

The most notable signs of a rat infestation include the following:

  • Fecal droppings measuring ½ inch in length
  • Gnaw marks on the structure of the home and accessories
  • Uneven openings around plumbing pipes
  • Damaged insulation
  • Holes in food packages

Rats – Are They Dangerous

Rats have shown to be carriers of diseases, such as mycoplasma, a parasitic bacteria. Evidence shows some rats have mites and parasites that have been linked to intestinal issues, such as blockage and infection.

Rat Eradication

The safest technique utilized to eradicate rats involves traps. The traditional mousetrap is still one of the popular products to eradicate mice and rats. Modern traps that utilize sticky adhesive are also very popular in North America.

Rodenticides in the form of pellets are also utilized to eradicate rats. However, this is not always the best option because it does not fully eradicate rats. Unlike traps, pesticides are ingested with no guarantees the rat will exit the home. This basically means, after the rat ingests the pellets, it will probably remain behind for future meals.

Traps, on the other hand, capture the rat, so it can easily and safely be removed to an outdoor trash bin. A decaying carcass generates foul odors that will remain in the home for weeks or months after death.

DIY Rat Treatment

Mild to moderate rat infestations can effectively be eliminated with traps and pesticides. Mild rat infestations will only consist of a few rats while moderate and severe infestations have a lot more. With only a few rats to eradicate, traps will do just fine.

Is Rat Rodenticides Safe?

Anticoagulant-based pesticides utilized to eradicate rats pose a danger to humans and pets. An anticoagulant prevents blood from clogging, leading to severe bleeding. Some ingredients found in these products have also been shown to cause an elevation in blood calcium. Hypercalcemia is a potentially dangerous condition that has been linked to osteoporosis, heart problems, and kidney stones. In severe situations, hypercalcemia will cause the kidneys to shut down.

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