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Unique And Strange Facts About Detroit Michigan

In 2013, it was estimated that nearly 700,000 individuals resided, within the city of Detroit. Although the majority of these individuals are likely well familiar with their city, they probably do not know about the city’s history. This is truly a shame, since the history of Detroit is incredibly interesting and could very well be something out of folklore. Within this article, you will learn about some of the most interesting factors regarding the city of Detroit.


Although Detroit may be a sprawling, industrial powerhouse today, this wasn’t always the case. In fact, Detroit was initially a small trading post, within New France. At the time, the city was well known for its furs. The European people officially settled the city in 1701. It became their first settlement above the tidewater in all of North America.

The 19th Century

The city of Detroit really began to thrive in the 19th century. During this period of time, it became a major hub for industry and commerce. The proximity of the river made transportation into and out of Detroit very convenient. The addition of the parallel rail line made the city even friendlier for industries and businesses looking for new ventures. Near the end of the century, the city became known as the Paris of the West. Much of this had to do with the city’s beautiful architecture and Thomas Edison, who electrified Washington Boulevard.

Keys To The City

As you likely know, keys to the city of Detroit are generally given out to highly influential people and those that have contributed to the city in one way or another. To date, ten individuals have managed to obtain the coveted key to Detroit. Sammy Davis Jr., James Earl Jones, Ben Carson, and Jerome Bettis can all be found on this list. Of course, the most surprising additional of all may very well be Saddam Hussein, who was awarded the key for his massive donations to a local church. The Sesame Street character, Elmo, and Santa Claus have also received their own keys.

The Present

Little has changed in present times. The city is still widely known for its industrial impact on the country. It is now the 18th most populated city in the entire country. Nowadays, the city may very well be best known for its sports teams, which include the Detroit Tigers, Lions, and the Red Wings. Although all of these teams have had periods of success, the Red Wings, which have won 11 Stanley Cups, are undeniably the most notable.


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