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What You Need To Know When Vacationing In Detroit Michigan

If you are planning on traveling to Detroit, Michigan in the near future, you should take the time to familiarize yourself with the area. This metropolis is a very busy area and is always bustling with lots of visitors and sightseers. With this being said, you will need to learn how the locals communicate and interact with each other and vacationers. Below you will discover more information about Detroit, Michigan.

Tourist Destinations

While some people travel to Detroit, just to watch a popular rock band in action, others will be more focused on the city’s culture. In Midtown-New Center, you will discover various museums and galleries. This will definitely be the first place to start your search and as a matter of fact, the buildings in this vicinity are designed with 1920s architecture.

Downtown Detroit

You must take a stroll in downtown Detroit when visiting the city. If you fail to visit this area, then you are definitely going to be skipping the most exciting location in Michigan. The area is filled with skyscrapers, which date back to the pre-depression era. The riverfront is the most beautiful after dark because the lights from the skyscrapers will flicker and reflect on the water. Be sure to grab your camera, because you will want to capture this amazing scene in a photo.

When you get hungry, be sure to book reservations at the Marriot, which has one of the largest rooftop restaurants in the Western Hemisphere. The skyline provides an awesome view, which is absolutely breathtaking. You will be so caught up in the moment that you will forget that you are on top of a motel.

River Cruise

Now, a vacation in Detroit would not be complete with a river cruise. You will find several cruise lines that will take you on a tour to see the other side of the city. This is a magnificent tour that will give you the opportunity to sit back, relax, and enjoy everything that Detroit has to offer.

Casinos Galore

If you want to take a gambling break, you will need to head down to the MGM Grand Detroit or MotorCity. Of course, do not forget about the Caesars Casino, which is located just across the river, because it also offers a lot of fun for everyone.


Detroit, Michigan is a very touristy area, and expect to be treated with the utmost respect by the locals.


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