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Downtown Detroit is the central business district and a residential area of Detroit, Michigan, United States. Locally, downtown tends to refer to the 1.4 square mile region bordered by M-10 (Lodge Freeway) to the west, Interstate 75 (I-75, Fisher Freeway) to the north, I-375 (Chrysler Freeway) to the east, and the Detroit River to the south. Although, it may also refer to the Greater Downtown area, a 7.2 square mile region that includes surrounding neighborhoods such as Midtown, Corktown, Rivertown, and Woodbridge.

The city’s main thoroughfare, M-1 (Woodward Avenue), links Downtown to Midtown, New Center, and the North End.  Downtown contains much historic architecture, including prominent skyscrapers, ranging from the Renaissance Center, the Penobscot Building, One Detroit Center, and the Guardian Building. Historic churches, theatres, and commercial buildings anchor the various downtown districts. Downtown has several parks linked by a promenade along the International Riverfront. Its central square is Campus Martius Park. Bed Bug Exterminator Detroit


Following the Detroit fire of 1805, the design for the downtown area was left open to a new vision. Augustus B. Woodward proposed a radial design for the post-fire city, where major streets such as Woodward, Washington, and Madison Avenue would spiral off Grand Circus Park. The downtown streets still loosely follow Woodward’s original design. Business in Detroit boomed along with its growing automobile industry, leading to an increase in downtown’s population and wealth. Much of the downtown area’s architecture was built during this boom, in the late 19th century and early 20th century, and still attracts the attention of architects. Several buildings were built by the famous Minoru Yamasaki (most well-known for designing the twin towers in New York City), including the McGregor Memorial Conference Center and the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Detroit Branch Building.


Downtown was once notorious for its abandonment, vacant buildings, and disinvestment. However, the downtown area has seen tremendous growth and redevelopment in recent years.  Since 2000 several major construction projects have been completed, including the new Compuware Headquarters at Campus Martius Park and two new stadiums: Comerica Park and Ford Field. General Motors moved its headquarters into the Renaissance Center, and the Detroit Lions have relocated from Pontiac to Downtown Detroit. High-profile events like the 2005 MLB All-Star Game, Super Bowl XL, and the 2006 and 2012 World Series have occurred downtown, generating income for local businesses and spurring more growth. As a result, new residents are moving into Detroit, MI, in the assortment of new lofts that are opening. An example of these trends is the Westin Book-Cadillac Hotel. In 2006, the Cleveland-based Ferchill Group began the $180 million redevelopment of the historic Book Cadillac Hotel at the corner of Washington Blvd. and Michigan Avenue. The project, hailed by preservationists, houses a 455-room Westin Hotel, 67 high-end condominiums, two to three restaurants, and some miscellaneous retail serving hotel and conference center guests. DTE Energy Headquarters features an urban oasis of parks, walkways, and a reflecting pool.

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