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Hello and welcome! If you’ve stumbled upon our website, it is likely that you’re dealing with a crisis. Your home has been plagued with a bug infestation and you have run out of solutions to the problem. First, you should step back and take a deep breath. You’ve come to the right place. We are the best bed bug extermination Detroit has to offer and will be able to help you reclaim your home. First though, you should take the time to familiarize yourself with these critters and their way of life. Bed bugs are truly an oddity and tend to be hardier than their pesky counterparts. They require specialized treatment plans and we’ve got them.

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Before going any further, you should take the time to examine the bug’s infiltration techniques. By learning how they can enter your home, you will have a much better chance of preventing that from happening. Here at the best and most experienced bed bug extermination company in Detroit, we’ve studied these bugs and have analyzed their behavior for an extensive period of time. Below, you will learn about our results.

  • In Detroit, bed bugs are commonly found in motels. By spending a night in an infested hotel, you will collect the bugs on your clothing and in your luggage. If these items are not wasted and dried thoroughly, they’ll enter your home, once you return.
  • Purchasing used furniture and clothing can be a wonderful way to get a bargain, but it comes with a few risks. These bugs can survive in clothing and furniture for a lengthy period of time. If you purchase clothing or furniture, which contains bed bugs and bring the items home, it is almost certain that your home will become infested.
  • Leaving clothing stashed around your home can also result in problems. Although this may not result in an infestation, it will give the bugs a place to hide. Pick up those old clothes and throw them in the wash, before the problem spirals out of control.

As you can see, it can be quite easy to succumb to a bed bug infestation. The good news is that the infestation is not a result of unkemptness or filth, so you should not feel ashamed of your current problem. Once you begin believing that you may be suffering from a problem, you should work to confirm the infestation right away. We’ve put together a list of warning signs you should look for right now.

  • Take the time to inspect your body, when you wake in the morning. Bed bugs have an insatiable craving for blood and they’ll bite their victims repeatedly throughout the night. Inspect your body and take note of small red bite marks.
  • Another common sign of an infestation is brown excrement stains. These will typically be found on your bed linen, furniture and potentially even your clothing. If these stains begin appearing unexpectedly, you may be suffering from an infestation.
  • If you wish to put an end to your doubts, you should try to capture a live bed bug. Although this may seem complicated initially, it is not. A little bit of tape in the appropriate area will do the trick.

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If you’ve found one or two of the indications above, you most likely have bed bugs in your home. Don’t panic yet though! You’ve already found the top bed bug exterminator Detroit has to offer and we’ll be able to help you, during this immensely trying time.

We Are The Best Pest Control Team / Bed Bug Exterminator In Detroit, Michigan!

Now, it is time for us to introduce ourselves. Throughout the years, our company has worked hand in hand with many residents of Detroit. With our expertise and by utilizing the latest technology, we’ve been able to eradicate the bugs from hundreds of homes throughout the city. Although we specialize in bed bugs, we’re also capable of handling other pests, including cockroaches, and ants. By making contact with us right away, you will be able to maintain your peace of mind and reap the benefits of working with a thoroughly professional and incredibly reliable company. Below, you will find the benefits of working with the most reputable bed bug exterminator in Detroit.

  • Our company has been in the business for an extensive period of time and we’ve seen it all. We will never be caught off guard and there is no infestation that we cannot rectify.
  • Our services are covert and discreet.
  • Our services are carried out in a manner, which allows you to resume your normal day, without worries.
  • Our technicians will thoroughly scan your living quarters and perform an extensive examination.
  • The techniques and technology utilized by our experts are entirely safe and immensely reliable.
  • Although our services may not be the cheapest in Detroit, they are among the most effective.

Why Not Call The Most Reliable Pest Control Company/Bed Bug Exterminator In Detroit?

Call Us @ (248) 206-3133 (Matt Alcantara)

Now, the ball is in your court. When you’re sick and tired of being woken at night by those pesky bed bugs, we encourage you to give us a call. Remember that our technicians are capable of eliminating a wide variety of different pests, including bed bugs, cockroaches, ants. We’re waiting on your call and are eager to speak with you! Be sure to give us a call today.

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