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Examining The Different Bed Bug Inspection Options

In the past few years, Detroit has become somewhat of a hotbed for bed bugs. Despite the residents properly maintaining and cleaning their homes, the bugs have managed to find a way inside. From there, they’ve turned their lives upside down and have completely taken over. Since the bugs spread rapidly and can easily be passed from one individual to another, it is imperative to know how to behave, if you become a victim of these critters. Within this guide, you will learn about some of the best bed bug inspection options within Detroit, Michigan.

Hard To Detect


Before doing anything, you should realize that bed bugs could be immensely difficult to detect. These bugs tend to behave in a nocturnal manner, despite not being entirely nocturnal. This means that they’ll remain hidden, until the lights are shut off at night. Sadly, many households will fail to detect their presence, until it is too late. This is why it is essential to know about the various bed bug inspection companies in Detroit. These professionals will be able to detect and eliminate the bugs with ease.


Checking Your Body


Before making contact with an exterminator, you should do your best to confirm the infestation. As long as you know precisely what to look for, identifying the bugs will not be overly complicated. First, you should list up your shirt and inspect your body. Do you see tiny red bites on the portions of your body, which touch the bed at night? If so, you are likely suffering from a bed bug infestation.


Check The Bed


As the name suggests, bed bugs tend to take shelter within the homeowner’s bed. This means that you’ll be able to find telltale signs of their presence, by looking carefully at your bed and your linen. When examining these items, you should look closely for brown excrement marks and stains. If these are found scattered throughout, you will definitely want to take action right away!


Take A Sniff


Bed bugs can actually put off a strange odor, which is easily distinguishable. Before moving any further, you should enter your bedroom and sniff around a bit. Does your room smell musty and foul? If you’re able to detect a musty odor, you may very well have a bed bug problem.


Bring In The Hounds


Although many people are unaware of it, there are actually dogs, which are considered to be the best bed bug inspection option Detroit has to offer. These bugs have been professionally trained for an extensive period of time to specifically detect bed bugs. With the help of dogs, the exterminator will be able to better identify their presence and will easily be able to pinpoint the most problematic areas in your home. Therefore, using hounds is highly recommended.




All in all, it is essential to actually confirm the presence of the bugs, before making direct contact with one of the exterminators in Detroit, Michigan. The information provided above should be able to help you do just that!

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